TERESA SULLIVAN Bead Tapestry and Bead Sculpture


Planet Stories Neckpiece

Commissioned by an avid fan of pulp magazine illustration art

Planet Stories  
10" x 7"

This was inspired by the March 1952 issue of Planet Stories, a pulp science fiction magazine.  Planet Stories cover art often  featured powerful, shapely women doing battle with aliens.  See "Battle of the Centaurianess", pictured on the Figures page, another artwork in this series.
The way this was created was simple but challenging.  Work started at the bottom, with a single string of beads following the design then worked back and forth ending at the top. Sullivan does not use a computer to select the color of each bead but intrprets them by eye. Each stitch was done in three drop peyote stitch.

Teresa Sullivan beaded tapestry

Beaded Whisk Handle
16"h x 3"w x 3"d

Donated to the 2008 Art on the Vine auction benefiting Oregon College of Art and Craft's scholarship program. 

Ecstasy Necklace, detail
14" x 18" as worn

See the whole tapestry on the Adornments page

Teresa Sullivan beaded tapestry