TERESA SULLIVAN Bead Tapestry and Bead Sculpture


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Planet Stories Neckpiece, commissioned by an avid fan of pulp magazine illustration art


Head Ropes
details on the left
each rope averages
28”H x 1”W x 1”D

“Roger and I have a strong affinity for hanging interesting art in our home. These head ropes are so unique! I’ve never seen anything like them. Strands of hanging sculpture! The beads pick up the light coming through the windows but are just as extraordinary on a cloudy day. They were perfect for displaying near our bay windows.”
Robyn W.
Portland, Oregon

Milagro Kiss Brooch, 2008
2”H x 3”W

“The most amazing thing about this brooch is that it is one continuous piece. It’s not two pieces stitched together. The technical skill in doing something like [this] is incredible. I get a lot of compliments everywhere I wear it. Teresa did a great job on working with my husband for the perfect theme! People kissing is the theme of the artwork in our bedroom!”
---Robyn W., Portland, Oregon

Sea Brooch, 2009
2”W x 1”H

“I met Teresa Sullivan at "The Portland Open Studios Tour" back in 2009.  I saw Teresa's amazingly intricate bead work and was blown away at how her work was truly "works of art".  By seeing what she was capable of doing, the thought popped into my head, I wonder if she does commissioned pieces of jewelry.  Even though I'm a guy, I have always appreciated jewelry and beading.  So I asked Teresa if she would do a brooch for me so I could pin them on jackets or coats.  She said, I'd love to.  We then discussed the design of it.  I explained to Teresa that I love anything to do with the sea and that I wanted blues, greens, and silver to be a part of the brooch.  This inspired Teresa immediately and she remembered that she had a small piece of drift wood that she would incorporate into it.  I thought that was an awesome idea.  I also explained to Teresa that I wanted the brooch to look uncharacteristic and unique.  Well, to my surprise and delight, Teresa had completed my sea inspired brooch within 2 weeks and when I met up with her and she revealed the brooch, I squealed with joy.  It was so unique and beautiful.  I couldn't have imagined it any different and it is truly a work of art that represents me.  When I wear it out, I receive compliments galore.  When I explain how I came about it, they are amazed and wish that Teresa was in CA, where I now live, so they too could have a commissioned piece done for them.  I wear it proudly and with confidence.”
---Keith T., Riverside, California